Doing the perculator?

Thinking some coffee might be a nice thing on some upcoming paddling trips, I bought a 6-cup stainless perculator. After having looked at several, one thing I found is that none had any instructions or tips for making good coffee. I came from the electric Mr. Coffee era, and know nothing about a perculator.

How hot? How long? When’s it done?

Help! :slight_smile:

French press, French press, French press. GOOD strong coffee and easy! GSI makes a lexan model in 2-3 sizes. Far less bulky. Leave the perculator at home.

Real Strong Coffee!
the purcolator is for those who Like their coffee STRONG, very Strong. And you don’t want to use a ‘drip grind’ coffee in it, or you’ll have coffee grounds in your cup!

basically you add water to just below the level of the strainer(place in empty if you see water you have too much) Add your coffee to the strainer, cover it and place on heat. let your nose decide when it’s ready…

then it’s a matter of taste…

the longer you let it perk, the stronger it will get!

One more thing
use a coarse grind as stated above. The longer coffee grounds are exposed to the hot water, the coarser they should be. Hence, French press grind is very coarse as it is exposed for something like 5 minutes, Percked is exposed again and again as long as the water is allowed to boil. So just let it boil a couple of minutes unless you want mega strong :slight_smile:

real camp coffee is just brew the grounds till it bubbles over. Of course for those who have weaker stomachs , a french press might work. :wink: Next they will be telling ya to cook yer ramen noodles before eating. LOL.

Camp coffee, nothing better :slight_smile:

Another Reason not ot Percolate…
is terpenes, percolated coffee extracts them and they’re bad for you:


So is breathing…

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(has pollutants)but we all still do it :)

Thanks for the comments posted so far.

Having been a Navy guy, i’m really not picky and have no need for any “hi-end” coffee. I get funny looks when I pour a cup of yesterdays cold coffee and drink it down with a smile on my face. Good stuff, as far as i’m concerned.

I was just curious about using a perculator as someone else might want to drink my coffee too. :slight_smile:

It might take a little practice
You may be able to tell if your coffee is “done” by the color (darkness) of the coffee bubbling up into the little glass nob on top.

one formula
I had from a stoner I knew was bring the perculator to a boil, then lower heat and simmer at a low perk for 1/2 hour! Personally I boil, then simmer at a low perk for 5 minutes and let steep for another 2-4 minutes

Can I getcha a bite o’ coffee?
Wow, coffee for breakfast and coffee flavored snuff at the bottom of the cup…real efficient! I usually just pack instant, but I’m only what one might call a “coffee common-sewer”…heck I even like Northman’s coffee. :wink:

seriously, if you’re going to sacrifice the space for real coffee grounds, why not carry them in a coffee press and really enjoy it?


How hot?
Boiling. Percolator only works if the water is boiling.

How long depends on the coffee and your taste. Four or five minutes should be good. Too long and you just get bitter coffee. Not long enough just let it perc some more.

same process
But simmer for 10 minutes.

The recipe - 1 tbl spoon/cup

get rid of the perculator guts. just boil water add, course grounds (amount takes a little figuring out)and simmer for 10 minutes. don’t let it boil you you lose the oils. add 1/2 cup cold water let settle for 2 minutes, tap on the side and drink. this should give you almost no grounds and the best coffee available. trust me if i can please the starbucks crowd, an old navy guy will love it.


be gutsy
You got the perk. Now be gutsy, by some cheap store brand coffee, at least get maryland club or folgers. Do it the way our parents/grandparents did it.

nice summary here

takes forever, french press is the way to go.

New percolator!
I just got to use my new percolator a couple of weekends ago at our annual trout season opener here in the Pacific Northwest. I just filled the basket about half full of regular “can” coffee and tried not to boil it too hard so as to have the grounds escape the basket. I let it boil about 5 minutes and the coffee was a little week for my taste, put it back on for 5 more minutes and Voila! awesome camp coffee. Something really cool about doing it over the camp fire.

Good luck and Paddle on!

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