Dolly for a flat bottomed canoe

I have been looking at dollies to cart my canoe from the truck to the water. Most of the commercial ones seem to be made for a VEE bottomed boat. One - does this detract from hauling a flat bottomed canoe (Old Town Discovery 119)? Two - does anyone make a cart to accommodate such a boat?

Clint in Kentucky

All-Terrain Boat Cart
I’ve been very happy with my InStep all terrain boat cart. It’s sold under other names, but it has a very durable frame and large air filled tires which folds down and fits in my canoes very easily. It’s pads are adjustable and would be perfect for a flat bottomed canoe.

I found mine on Craigslist, but LL Bean and Amazon carry them as well as others I’m sure.

I’ve found most dollys designed for
the center of canoes and kayaks work on various bottom configurations ok. Just be sure to strap or bungee them down tight. If you’re going to use it on rough terrain its good to have an axle with a raised center. R