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My husband and I have a 12’(?) Dolphin Princess canoe. I can’t seem to find any info about the Dolphin Canoe Co other than it was based in Wabasha MN from the 60’s to the 80’s. We’d like to sell the canoe as we find we don’t use it now that we have kayaks, but I have no idea of their value since I can’t find any info about them. Does anyone here have a Dolphin or know anything about them? Thanks for your help.

Dolphin Canoe info
I have a couple of old Dolphins lying in my barn. Mine are about 16-17 ft long. They are made of two half shelf of heavy fiberglass. The two shells are clamped together with an aluminum quill. Mine have a tall and recurved bow and stern. If your canoe is similar to mine her is my opinion on them. They are very heavy, very stable (all primary stability) and out of date. As far as value, I believe you would be lucky to get more than a $150 for it. I will plant flower in one of mine, it is the best use I can find for it (the bottom is cracked and was patch many time).

Good luck

Dolphin Fan
If you have not yet gotten rid of the old canoes, and would like to still get rid of them I would like to see about buying them. I like the stability for my small children.

Dolphin Brave canoe
Are you still looking for a Dolphin canoe? I have one purchased in the early 70’s, fiberglass, Brave, 18 ft. Over 3 ft wide in the middle, so I would think it’s pretty stable. Has not been used in over 20 years, but I think it’s still in good condition.

Dolphin Canoe

I came accross your post about your 12’ Dolphin. I have a 17’ tandem Dolphin and I cannot find any info on it. I was wondering if you ever found any info on yours and if you sold it?



Dolphin Canoes
I have a brochure on Dolphin canoes

Chief 17’ 37"W 12" Deep 79# 675# Cap

Voyager 18’ 38"W 14" Deep 107# 765# Cap

Brave 17-1/2’ 37"W 12" Deep 83# 685# Cap

Princess 14’ 39"W 12" Deep 72# 635# Cap

Squaw 17’ 37"W 12" Deep 79# 675# Cap

Papoose 16’ 35" 12" Deep 73# 590# Cap

I have a Princess w/padded carrying yoke and I believe the weights are a heavier than shown-It’s sturdy and stable, but heavy. Looking to sell.