Dolphin canoe

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I have a 14' or so Dolphin canoe. Very heavy, with a hole in the back to put a electric motor. but the motor is all busted up and I need to know where to get parts or/and how to install the new trolling motor? Any info on this canoe would be much appreciated.

It’s probably time to improvise.

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Not many people here have ever dealt with a Dolphin canoe (they are entry-level boats and also very rare), and not many use electric motors (most people here are paddlers, but some of the people who also fish are likely to have electric-motor advice). As for myself, I can't quite picture what the "hole" for the electric motor would be like, but maybe you can just patch the hole and mount your new electric motor the same way most people do - on a motor mount made for canoes. You can buy them (check out what Old Town Canoe can sell you) or build one yourself. It's nothing more than a wooden bracket that clamps to the rails on both sides of the boat at the back end, and having a section sticking out off one side (it's normal to extend it off the left side) on to which you clamp the motor.

Here are two things to keep in mind though. First, your local boating regulations probably require that the battery be anchored securely to the bottom of the boat and that it be enclosed or covered. Second, the combined weight of the electric motor and battery is enough to sink many canoes in the event of a capsize, so it would be wise to make sure the boat has enough floatation to prevent that.

got it

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just installed the new trolling motor and it is looking tits. so well see how she dose next week!~!

Dolphin elec. Conoe
I bought a trolling motor cut the shaft with out cutting wire. Bought. New switches and hard wired it in flex pipe reamend steer with paddle to unstable to steer with stick love mine no shallow water or big rocks with this rig

Used fiberglass to make box in bow to hold batt. 3 speeds fwd 3 speeds rev