Dolphin chief ...What is it?

I came across one for what I would say is cheap. From the glance I had it seems to be in fantastic shape. Owner said it was only used a couple times. I’m not sure of the length, but it does have two seats. Seems short though. But it was hanging almost 10 feet up. I’m only going on the make and model from owner. Although she is family in a round about way. What can you tell me? Type/purpose of this canoe? Fair price?

An educated guess
Dolphin Brand Canoes back in the '70s were made in Florida (I think) and were patterned after “traditional” Indian designs. They had high, recurved stems and appeared in the ads I remember to be pretty hefty beasts. Never saw one in the flesh, though.


Fond Dolphin Chief Memories

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I learned to paddle the muddy Iowa rivers, of my youth, in a Dolphin Chief.

I'm pretty sure the Chiefs were all 17' with the Brave and Squaw models being slightly shorter and have less pronounced bow recurv.

They are a thing of beauty, in my eyes.

On the water they track like freight trains (due to the pronounced keel). Turnability suffers, but it teaches you the value of "pro-active river reading". You had better have a plan well before negotiating any tight spots, because these boats take 40 acres to turn around.

I have passed on a Brave and a Squaw in my search to regain my youth by buying my childhood lusts.....I'm holding out until I find a red and white two-tone Chief with the "teepee" style stripe.

I actually have 1/2 (just the bow) of a Squaw that I fished out of a recently flooded creek. I plan on making it into a bookshelf.

Enjoy your new boat.

As memory serves
Dolphins were pretty heavily decorated in traditional Native art? Trim along teh sheer, arrowheads on the stems etc.


Thanks for the reply!!!

You can find an old 4 page Dolphin catalog in the Fiberglass Canoes II album located here…


you know…thanks again for those
pages. they are a great resource. Did you ever think of making a book out of all the info you have collected on canoes. If you do put me on the list!