Donnell Pond Paddle

Well the tide was wrong, the wind up so we went somewhere else to paddle than our RV site. We went to Donnell Pond…Ok, it is a lake. But that’s what they call it here in Maine. Clear water , relatively sheltered it was a nice paddle. We got hungry about mile 7 of a 10 mile paddle and started taking more direct course to points. It was a good paddle.


I’ve always liked that Great Pond

FYI trivia Great Ponds are lakes less than 25 feet deep in Maine

Of course on Mount Desert Island this morning we saw Jordan Pond. It is 150ft deep and maybe 1mile long.


Its fuzzy here in Maine… Lakes Page - lake or pond, Bureau of Land and Water Quality, Maine DEP

I live on Crescent Lake aka Rattlesnake Pond.

Bet you saw too many crowds. I like Jordan Pond… In January

  1. Reference said, “Thus there is no exact technical distinction between lakes and ponds.” Just like Florida on creeks and rivers. It’s fuzzy.

  2. Crowds…yes. Way more than I wanted. Been there done that. Why I don’t know.

  3. Acadia…on Desert Island…water, rocks, trees and people …yet Schoodic/Acadia has water rocks, trees and way less people. You can go to winter Harbor and get your Lobster Benedict with no lines no waiting.

  4. Kinda like Yellowstone… Way too many people. They get massive traffic jams to look at one bison. Yet in Teddy Roosevelt National park the 20 or so bison will walk through the near empty parking lots with little or no traffic on the road

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not to be the police but its Mount Desert Island… called MDI by us. We can go over for a day trip. At this time of the year we choose not to! Schoodic is lovely and there is great kayaking in that area. And a very nice NPS campground.

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Nice pics! Donnell Pond looks just like I remember it. Up until a couple of years ago, I owned a house in Ellsworth on the strip of land between Graham and Green Lake and worked on MDI. The traffic onto the island isn’t bad at 6 a.m., but took twice to three times as long to get home in the evening. I miss kayaking there more than you can imagine.