Don't miss SW paddling destinatons ?

Plan is to spend winter in SW after we get off a 21 day Grand Canyon trip on 12-2. Colorado R below L Mead is on list along w/ Verde R

Any other must see AZ/SW paddling destinations you’d recommend ?

Green River, Utah
Anywhere between Green River and Spanish Bottom (confluence with the Colorado). Take extra camera batteries and memory cards. Take your time, it’s not a race to the take out. There’s just too much to see and soak in. Do the float and then you will know what the word “awesome” REALLY means.

Topock Gorge
Never paddled it myself, but 2 paddling buddies of mine have and they loved it.

Drive down to Sea of Cortez
South through Why Arizona you can do the east shore or west shore.

Bahia De los Angeles is worth the trip.

Lower Colorado as mentioned above (TopCock Gorge etc.

Colorado River…
from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s ferry was fun.

Nice day trip, or go in the evening and spend a night on one of the campsites in the canyon. Lovely.