Don't Trust the Lifeguards

This just keeps getting…
…stranger with every new story on it.

Let’s see:

  1. Public pool open that is so dirty you can’t see the bottom in the SHALLOW end.
  2. (Apparently) Clueless lifeguards
  3. Friends didn’t seem to care she disappeared.
  4. Missing for 2 days, with kids at home, and boyfriend didn’t seem to give a flip she was missing.


    I’m thinking maybe we should start a pool (sorry, couldn’t help myself) on how many millions of dollars this will cost the city over the lawsuits!

A " murky " water swimming pool

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with only 3.5 -4' visability.

edit to add: Typing same time as you Roger. : )

ARC Lifeguard training requires
Lifeguards to close a pool when they can’t see the bottom. If the Guards were in charge, they would have closed this pool.