Don't Worry, The Sharks Are Well Fed

Wait for it… you knew this was going to happen- the person from San Francisco who likes the thought of sharks eating the struggling seals who are having a bad year, seals who are looking for the salmon and other fish who are incoming and discovering the rivers are in a severe state of drought, which has stressed the entire Delta ecosystem… “silver linings” - until the shark eats a surfer, windsurfer, distance swimmer, or kayaker…

“This is the first recorded predation event I know in the San Francisco Bay. For me it is pretty exciting and a sign that the health is returning to the San Francisco Bay ecosystem.”

Ah, healthy ecosystems, where we’re part of the menu.

I know
that there were previous attacks in the bay, but only 1 or 2. There was also one at Baker Beach (fatality) in the '50’s, but that isn’t what I’d consider “in” the bay, but at the mouth.

Seemingly, there was a shark attack on a human near Coyote Point, which is pretty far in the bay. I think it is safe to say that sharks are not all that uncommon in the area, but attacks are rare.


In 2015, more people have died while taking a selfie (12) than have been killed by a shark (8).