Door County Sea Kayak Symposium Pictures

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Here are some pictures from the Door County Symposium - (top gallery)

I also managed to add a new Wisconsin Coasts, Lakes & Kayaks Screen Saver as well. As usual this is a totally free download just for fun!

All The Best!

Great Pictures! Great Time!

I may attend next year. Did you find it worthwhile?

I would say so. . .

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. . . but then I was instructing so I certainly hope it was worthwhile. :) This is a beginner oriented event however, so you have to keep that in mind as well. Lot of time spent focused on basic skills & short tours (under 10 miles) around the Door County peninsula. I think we had around 220 students. When you include families and staff we were pretty packed.

Didn’t realize you were an instructor

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Thanks for the info. Hope to make it next year.

Pics look great.

I’d like to attend this next year
I live in WI, and would like to network with other sea kayakers in the region. This sounds like a great way to proceed. If it was packed, do you think one should register early for next year?

I don’t think there is really a “max cap”. So you should be fine when registration opens next Feb.

Maybe we’ll see you up there!