Door County WI - Rock Island SP

I am looking at paddle camping on Rock Island (State Park) and have never been there.

Hoping someone here might know the best campsites for accessing the sites via sea kayaks?

Rock Island
I have not been there for a few years, but what I can remember some of the campsites were right off the beach. The island is a very pretty with lots to see and full of history. Other islands are close and very interesting to explore also. When I stayed there I had paddled from Fairport Michigan and island hopped across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin with a 3 day layover on Rock island.

When You’re in Door Co.

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Consider taking the yak for a day trip out of Ephraim Harbor around the Peninsula (at Pensinsula State Park) to the Fish Creek area. It is very scenic with beautiful bluffs and wonderful colors.

There is a beach
on the South side of the island. Campsites just over the hillock of sand and in the woods. Great spot. I’ll look later at theior webpage and give you the site numbers.

Most of the island has rocky shores but there is that one great beach.

Rock Island is on my list of 5 Favorite Places in the World.

I agree with the Top 5 Designation
This is a fantastic place to camp and kayak. The best campsites are along the southeast beach, but they are also the first ones to fill up on the ReserveAmerica website. The sites numbered from 1 to 12 are closest to the sand beach. There are also 5 backpack sites, but these are more difficult to access from a kayak. You can take a long trip around Washington Island from the Northport pier (about 10 miles), or you can take the Washington Island Ferry and drive to Jackson harbor. It is only a half mile crossing to Rock Island from that point. Either way it’s a great trip. Just don’t plan your trip until after I have my reservations made;}

My reservations are made. If the winds are fair, I plan to cross Port Des Morts and skirt around Washington Island. I got site #1, although I found it interesting that the email reply from the DNR office suggested I stay at the backpack sites. (Maybe they don’t like to see paddlers around the beach sites). I appreciate all the comments offered!