Double bent shaft paddle

So spending way to much time online, and have a really bad need to have a wooden paddle of some sorts.  The Sawyer paddles and the Whiskey Jack paddles are simply gorgeous works of art.   As much as I'd like a kayak paddle from either one, I don't have 400 bucks to shell out right now.  So I'm thinking of gettin me a fancy canoe paddle.   I've never paddled a bent shaft before, but the double bent shaft is just beautiful.  Does it serve a real purpose?   Any one have an opinion good or bad on either company?<br />
  If it makes a difference I have a huge mad river duck hunter canoe that I paddle around a small lake, and fish out of.   With 2 maybe three canoe river trips a year.

I Have a Bending Branches Viper
Love the paddle. Broke my left wrist in 2004 and it’s the easiest paddle on my wrist. Haven’t used it as much the last year as the two boats I primarily paddle now have seating and kneeling positions too high for the 48" paddle I have. Plan to use it more this year as my old Mad River Monarch returns. Hadn’t tried the other doubles, but I highly recommend the Bending Branches Viper. Here’s a pic of mine leaning on the canoe. WW

Nice shot. How’s that Velcro working
out for spray-cover attachment? Do you prefer it to snaps? Are they homemade?

Worked Fine
The wife had one with snaps, velcro was better IMHO. But, I don’t have my Autumn Mist any longer. Sold it to help pay medical bills and regretted it ever since! WW

Nice pic
Very cool pic. No I don’t have any wrist problems, or shoulder problems. I don’t even have a bent shaft kayak paddle. I guess I just thought the extra curves where really beautiful.

Don’t seem to work well for me & my
stroke. My 48" Bending Branches Viper is the only double bend paddle that I’ve tried more than once and the double bend gets in the way of my in-water recovery stroke - the shaft hits the boat.

oh well
I appreciate the feed back. Maybe I’ll just save my penny’s and get the kayak paddle. I hate waiting… lol

Save your money or send the unwanted
excess to me.

Seriously for your use a double bend canoe paddle is not a wise investment.

I have one but for different uses. I do FreeStyle on flawater and the top bend allows a sweep over the bow to clear the bow and makes some paddle angles easier.

Not something you would do fishing or on a river, where straight shafted paddles are better anyway.

double bend is maybe hokey for fishing

… but I do prefer a bent shaft for it. It’s nice to have a shorter paddle that you can use one handed more easily. And when you lay it across the gunnels, as you often do, the water drips stay out of the boat and off the paddle shaft. Nice dry paddle shaft all the time. IMO bent is a big improvement over straight for fishing.

Some people love them
I’ve paddled with two people who love their Sawyer Manta double bends for river paddling.