Double Canoe Rack for Pickup Truck

I’m trying to find a good canoe rack to put on my Dodge Ram Pickup Truck. I would like it to have the ability to support two 16 ft canoes. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks

Tracrack,Yakima Sportsman

I like these guys;free shipping.

Renegade XT rack
I would suggest a rack made by cross tread. They fit any truck, have a big capacity, fit over truck caps. I have seen them priced around $360 delivered. the downfall is that its heavy, but it is a beast of a rack. Werner makes a similar model.

Bed Rack

This type of rack (many options and price points–see eBay under “truck rack”) is on my Silverado, and I simply C-clamp it to the bed rails. Can remove it in four minutes (low crime area I live) to still use the bed for other purposes. No drilliog to install. Custom made for your truck. See pics.

I love this rack! Better than anything over cab, which has not enough spread ebtween cross bars. Plus with this, just get in the bed and cinch down with cam straps.