Double kayak with child spot??

Hi - my husband and I kayak frequently in recreational kayaks. We wondered if there is a double kayak out there that has a space specifically for a young child? Anyone know? Thanks for any input. sue

Boreal Design
Boreal Design makes one in composite and one in plastic, I am buying one this month.

Eddyline made a 3 holer

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It was call the San Juan. Not a triple but you could put stuff, kid or dogs in the center.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 160T
If you want to stay in the Rec yak category, it has a kids seat option.

Seaward Passat G3
Seaward Passat with a center hatch that can be used for tons of storage or drop in a child seat. I’ve only paddled the standard 2 seat model but the hulls are identical and it is a nice, very fast double. I didn’t find it tippy even though it is narrower than most doubles but I didn’t have it out in real wind or waves either.

if the total weight is under about 400
you can use a pamlico pro with a drop-in seat on a lake. the largets plastic pamlico cn hold a bit more Until your child is really competant at underwater swimming and calmness I recommend an open cockpit kayak with floatation at both ends. If a three holer goes over the childs escape might be a hassle. The three holes is find for a child wh can turn flips underwater and go on swimming for a stroke or two,

If you child is on a boat you should have a rescue plan, whic for me nivolved having my PFD on and zipped every second and floating to shore on my back with my daughter on my chest.

Oddly enough we practiced floating aroud with a cross-chest carry today with no boats and no PFD’s

Seda Amigo
The Seda Amigo is a new Seda design that can be converted between a single and a double. You can check it out at or call Seda at 1 800 322-SEDA.

Note: This would not work if both you and your husband plan to paddle together - but would give you the option of taking your kid out with just one of you paddling.

Old Town Loon 160T.
I know L.L.Bean lists Old Town’s child’s jump seat as an accessory for the Loon 160T. I don’t know much beyond that. L.L.Bean lists the shorter (14ft) Old Town Twin Otter kayak but does list the child seat as option for it.