double paddle for canoe

I have been using a double paddle my canoe for a long time, but have always had an inexpensive and heavy paddle. Since we do alot of paddling we were thinking of purchasing lightweight performance paddles.

Does anyone have any experience with using lightweight paddles for canoeing? Since there are so many options for the kayaks, what are the pros and cons of using a kayak paddle?


This seems to be a hot topic this month.
There are several recent threads covering some aspects of your question.

As for lightweight paddles, I’m in the market for a new one, also. I have an aluminum shaft w/ poly blades. The shaft is fine, but the blades are too flexible for rougher water. I’m going to get something with stiffer and probably larger blades. I like a 240cm. My solo canoe is 29" across at the paddling station.

I would suggest Mitchell, and you should
talk to them personally. They will try to get it right for you the first time, and if they don’t, they will keep trying until it IS right.

Werner is good also, but you may need to custom order through a dealer to get the short blades and long shaft you need.

I personally think Mitchell blades are better suited to the occasional rock banging and poling of double bladed canoeing, than are the thin blades provided by Werner.

See the thread…
…“kayak paddle for canoe”, not too far below this thread-many responses. You’re correct-it’s double paddle, not kayak paddle.