Double Paddle for Wenonah Vagabond?

Hi, Considering a low angle style double paddle for my soon to arrive W-Vagabond, w/adj. tractor seat, to try and keep up with yak friends and until I get good with a single paddle. Appreciate any thoughts, experience, favorites. Straight vs Bent, blade size etc. Senior paddler so want to keep it fairly easy on the bod :-). Many thanks, Rick

Should have got a kayak !


double or bent work
I used a Mitchell 230 with my Vagabond and it was perfect for me at 5’ 6". Don’t know how tall you are so that will have an effect on paddle size.

I went to a bent shaft canoe paddle by ZRE and haven’t wanted to go back to the double blade unless I have to keep up with kayakers in long touring boats. I can easily keep up with rec kayaks with the Vagabond using a canoe paddle.

I have used my Werner Camano
230cm straight shaft in my Vagabond,as well as my Bending Branches bent shaft (which actually drips less water into the boat? maybe bent configuration, not sure, just an observation.) It comes in handy if I get caught in a big wind and need to get across a large expanse quickly. If I think the wind might be a challenge I will take the BB bent shaft as a spare, but paddle with a straight shaft ZRE single blade most of the time,(I kneel) If I’m on class I-II then wooden Mitchell straight with longer shaft. Nothing wrong with kayak paddle if your on flatwater, and want to go fast. There are lots of folks, including the late Herb Pohl, who used a double blade, but, ultimately you’ll want to master a single blade (IMHO).

Double Paddle for Vagabond - Thanks
Hi, Appreciate the ideas and will give them all a try and see what works best for me. Do yaks too :slight_smile: and just used one this AM for safety patrol at a local Triathalon. Have a great summer! Rick