Double paddles in tandem canoe?

I use a double in my solo, as I know many do. I’ve given my old tandem to my son for use with his sons after a little repair work, and I got to wondering if anyone has ever traveled w/ both bow & stern using doubles? Can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but have never tried it. Any experienced opinions?

First time I paddled at Jocassee
String was in a Mad River something or other, with the bow paddler using a single and him using a double. Very hard to keep up with that combo.


I do it all the time
and I love it. I have an 8’and a 9’ Mohawk DBCP that I use in my Discovery 158 and in my Legend 16. With so many people starting out in kayaks, I have found it much easier for them use a paddle that they are familiar with if they paddle tandem with me in a canoe. My wife now prefers a double as well after years of using a single. The biggest problem I have found is that you do not realize you are moving so much faster that the rest of your group if you are the only tandem and you spend time waiting for people to catch up. It does take an outing or two to get used to it initially, but after that its no problem.

My wife and I used to, but changed to
single bent shafts after we got some decent ones. The doubles we were using weren’t that great, so maybe that’s why the good single bent shafts felt better.

We may try doubles again at some point.