Down East. Exp Training W/BCU 4 Star

Down East Maine, USA. Expedition Training with BCU 4 Star Leader Training.

Down East is the land that sees the first sunrise in North America, and from a Geology perspective this stretch of coast line up to the Canadian Maritimes, holds great similarities to the Western Isle’s of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, just with trees added. This craggy coast line has similar dated granite and is full of cliffs and dotted with outer islands, and is on the Atlantic whale migration path way that are headed for the Bay Of Fundy, and finally home of one of North America great water trails that allows access to this gem of a coast line. This true 4 Star territory and can certainly put your coastal navigation skills to the test. Remember, this is still the North Atlantic and the waters can quickly become BCU 5 Star ish. If you’re a traveler and need a boat we can sort you out with your favorite NDK kayak, and extra wilderness camping supplies if needed.

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Who: Kayak Waveology with its Maine Guides. Contact Greg Paquin at

When: 30 June – 4 July

How Long: 5 days on the water, wilderness camping.

How much: $600.00/pp USD