Down in Baja - East Cape

Looking to hook up with outfitter, guide or locals to paddle one day later this week along the coast between say Loreto, La Paz and Los Barriles. Plans changed quickly so could not set anything up in advance. Would really like to get out and play around some stacks and sea caves but beggars can’t be choosers. Don’t mind paying, but cannot do an overnight so that seems to limit what many outfitters do. Also no phone service so harder to coordinate.

Thanks in advance for suggestions. If it matters, I’m ACA 3 instructor although skills not as sharp as they were when certified 5 years ago.


Sea of Cortez
Your best bet will be to rent a sit on top in Loreto or La Paz. There are several outfitters that will rent seakayaks, but they are very dependent on timing of their expeditions, I think most of them will want to have some idea that you have extensive experience in a seakayak before renting. It helps if you have paddled with them in a outing or if you know someone they know who can set things up for you.

Much easier to find someone who will rent you a SOT.

Wind conditions on Sea of Cortez can become quite serious quickly, and you can be blown way offshore very easily so pay attention, and listen to the advice of the people who rent you the kayaks.

for sea kayaking

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For sea kayaking, you can try Sea Trek ( SKBM (, both out of Loreto. Maybe could set up a day tour? Or just get advice, if you have a boat already? I am not sure if either rents, so that may not be an option.