Down or Fiber-fil

Swedge, why am I not surprised that you use a Wiggy’s…

Been to his website, and he has some great arguments. My only question is, have you suffered any delamination of the cover from the fill? I had an Olam bag (his original invention from the late "70s)which failed as such. I assume that his system has improved over the years, and since his bags are so popular with the military they must have passed the Natick lab hurdles. Just curious.


I have a Western Mountaineering Badger Super MF down bag rated 15 degrees F. It was expensive but worth it imho. I sold a Mountain Hardware synthetic bag that lost a third of it’s loft after one trip w/a compression sack. The WM down bag is made with a “micro fiber” shell. It sheds dew w/o problem and has “continuious baffels”. So I can shake the down to the top of my bag so it’s ontop of me for winter or shake it so most is under me for spring/fall. Making it very versitaile. The quality is awesome. They also make much more water repelant versions in Gores Dryloft. When tent camping, the bag is supposed to keep you warm not the tent so open all the vents and crack the windows. Proper ventilation is key to eliminate condisation. Just close it all up an hour before getting up to warm it up a little. I acutally suggest not ussing a compression sack and use the standard stuff sack they supply. The stuff sack will leave the bag “looser” so it conforms with other items in you pack making seem less bulky. I’m sure soon there will be a synthetics equal to down. I haven’t looked at a bag technology in 4 years since I bought the Badger. Bottom line if your a carefull camper and not staying in extremly humid areas I’d buy down w/ Micro Fiber or Dry Loft.