Downeast kayaking (Dryer Bay, Gouldsboro Bay, Acadia, etc)

I am going to be in the Dryer Bay area for the next week and would love any recommendations for day trips. Any in Dryer Bay and Gouldsboro Bay would be great but also Acadia and Bar Harbor area–or other places too. Thanks!

Been quite a while, but worth checking out Seal Cove for a launch location. Less traffic than Bar Harbor itself and no sand bar to get around.

Hadley Point Beach on MDI. Bar Harbor now requires paid parking .
Another good launch for Somes Sound is Summinsby Park on Sargeant Drive but its not an easy one and best done two hours before to two hours after high tide.

Steuben, ( Dyer Bay) and also Millbridge , Harrington have public ramps… They are all heavily used by commercial fishermen. I know from experience the Harrington one is but there is room and if you stay to the side you will be tolerated.

There is a boat launch in Lamoine for Frenchmans Bay. Much easier than Bar Harbot.
Seal Cove to get you in Blue Hill Bay