Downrigger fishing from canoe

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I want to share ideas and photos of downrigger fishing rigs from canoes. We visit Wakomata Lake in Ontario twice a year and fish from Prjion Seayaks and a NovaCraft Prospector canoe. The most sought after fish there is Lake Trout that stay deep (40 to 240 feet). We put a Minnkota Endura 36 trolling motor and made a deck to accommodate two Cannon easytroll downriggers, ball babies, a GPS and fishfinder. Battery is mounted amidships as are outrigger attachments from Castlecraft.

We are quite happy with the set up. The canoe is very stable with the outrigger floats lowered and extended. We stayed upright and afloat in choppy conditions that we had not anticipated.

As we are new to downrigger fishing we have been satisfied with learning how to get the weight and tackle in the water without tangling with itself or the trolling motor and catching bass to eat instead. See photos of the canoe rig at

Sorry the link below is to my sign-in page, I need your e-mail address to invite you to view this album. e-mail me for photos direct or if you know of a photo sharing web site that can be accessed for free Please advise.


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I’d be intrerested in seeing your set up. A guy I know uses down riggers and a trolling motor on his Twin Otter for hybrids and stripers.

'Would love to see those pics . . . .
unfortunately, I don’t know your username and password . . . . :frowning:

I’m sure they have a sharing link you can use instead of the one that wants you to login.