Dragging kayak on dock

You guys have been great on giving me advice so here goes. I am able to carry my kayak from where it comes out of the water to where I store it but it would be much better if i could wheel it or put it on a rug and pull it.

I have a kayak cart but don’t feel comfortable leaving it there while I’m out on the water.

The wheels of stowable kayak carts are usually made to come off easily - just a hitch pin or something similar. If yours is one of those, maybe you could just pop off one wheel and take it with you. I suppose there are jerks out there who would steal a one-wheeled kayak cart, but maybe not too many!
Another option: if your storage rack is among those in the picture (ie not far away), perhaps you could carry the cart back and lock it the rack while you’re out paddling.

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Thanks Alice BUT I was able to break down and store my kayak cart in my kayak when I had my 14’ SOT. The storage holds on this kayak are just too small. I have searched and searched and could not find a cart small enough to fit.

This one is pretty small. I think your Sky 10 has an 8" hatch so the 7" wheels should fit, but I don’t know if the other hatch dimensions are adequate. Alternatively, is there an out-of-the-way place near your launch site where you can secure your cart with a bicycle cable lock?

Is your kayak locked when stored? Could you use the same lock to lock your cart? Maybe with an extra cable?

If you kayak is not locked, then I would be tempted to just leave the cart unlocked. Boat people and places tend not to be high theft areas, form my limited experience. You could put your initials or name on the cart to make it even less tempting, and clear that someone owns it, not common use equipment.

Could you take just a part of your cart with you? I’m thinking that a cart with a missing wheel is a lot less likely to get stolen than a complete cart.

Or just bungie it to your rear deck? I’ve seen many people out with folding carry carts on the back of their boats.

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the cart I have breaks down. That’s how I was able to store it in my old kayak. Yes, I do lock it. I also agree with you about the theft thing.

my present cart is too big for that but the 7" cart that Alice has suggested looks like I can do that.

not the cart that I have.

Just ordered it Alice. Your GOOD!!! Thanks.

I hope it works for you!
Note that I find the cart seems to fit the narrower bow of my Old Town Camden 120 a little better than the more rounded stern. Both work, but I usually attach the cart to the bow and drag it by the stern handle. The same may be true for your Sky 10.

I’ll keep u posted.

A C-TUG should break down enough to fit


hmmm, had some trouble fastening to bow of my Sky 10. Checked the directions - they recommend the stern. That was a better fit but not snug at all. Doesn’t really fit tight in the cradle. I also ran one of the orange straps through the blue strap. That made it tighter. What saves the day is dragging it from the bow.
The 7" wheels fit in either hold but not the cradle. Will either try to store it at my feet or just leave it in a bag attached to the kayak slip.
Decided to go with the indoor/outdoor carpet. Did a good job but this kayak is not simply sliding in and out. That’s because of the rim surrounding the cockpit. It sticks up. Lots of jostling getting it in and out. Assuming that the more I do it the more I will figure it out so that my arms are not exhausted when I’m done. (as they have been)

They work great. Not made in China :laughing:

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wow, Alice -you gave me a great idea. the wheels and axel can be stored in the hold. I can get a thin bicycle cable that will thread through the rest of the cart( where the axle runs through) and secure it to the bars of the kayak slip.
Problem solved.

Sorry The Kayak Cart (Made in USA, BTW) didn’t fit your Sky 10 hull as well as I thought it would, but it sounds as if you’ve got it figured out.
Note that I put a few strips of self stick “Velcro”, not the hook side, but the fuzzy loop side only, on the plastic saddle because I noticed some minor surface scratching due to sand getting between the hull and the saddle. That may not be an issue for you if there’s no sand around and because Eddyline’s white Carbonlite hull doesn’t show scratches as readily as my dark gel coat.

I bought the C-Tug. Nice but too big to store in my kayak. Tried a second time to secure The Kayakcart and it worked ok. Wheels can be stored in small hold and the cradle can be attached behind the seat with bungee.

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