Drain Plug Addition

A rookie question. My son and I have just purchased a flat back Old Town for a small lake on my farm. Unfortunately, it does not have a drain plug like my other boats. So my question, can one be added? There seems to be a flat spot molded into the hull, at the rear. The particular model is made from thermoformed polyethylene. Is it as simple as drilling a hole that fits a rubber expandable plug? I hate the thought of accidently leaving this thing right side up, and having it fill up with water. A wide beam, it might be a beast to turn over to drain. They make the usual boat levered plugs, but there are also all sizes of expandable rubber plugs that we use around the farm. I have 1/4" to 3" available…

Rory - Georgia.

(I know, if I wanted one with a drain, I should have bought one with a drain. In this case, the price was just to good)

You can do it.




Yet another:


Not only can you do it, it’s cheap and easy.

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I just added one that looks alot like the one from austin canoe. Very easy drill 1" hole and screw ed it in. I used stainless steel screws

it is very easy to do. me and my dad did it. works awsome. DO IT

more clear
sorry i wasn’t more clear. take a big drill bit. drill a hole in the back. then i just bought a plastic plug and tied a string to it. and it works great!

Not quite as pretty but…

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You can buy a PVC fitting at any hardware store that is top hat shaped and has a 1/2" D hole through it. Drill a hole, glue the fitting in with RTV or 5200. Buy a 1/2" live well cam type rubber plug from any marine store/ Walmart to plug the new fitting. Total cost is about $5.

The nice part about using the fitting is that it's deep enough to give the whole rubber plug a place to grip and protects it from getting knocked out.
I've used this set-up on two aluminum boats and it works fine.
p.s. I also own a OT Discovery Sport 17 square stern. I agree, tt IS a bear to flip!