Drain plug help!

Please can anyone who owns a Perception Supersonic circa 2005 help me. I have had my kayak for 10 years since new and it has been great. However in a recent house move the drainage plug has got lost - I need to replace it. Unfortunately I hadn’t studied it in detail before, the replacement plugs for Perception kayaks on the web looks different to what I remember mine being. I think mine had a finer thread. If you have a supersonic please could you post a pic of the drainage plug.

Many thanks.

Contact Confuence Water Sports
who own Perception. I’m sure they will help.

If you can’t find a replacement, just
demount the existing drain plug assembly and install a new kit. Isn’t hard to do. But I suspect that the threads have not changed in all these many years.

Look On Amazon
They seem to sell everything these days.

Here You Go