Drain Plug

Hello everyone.

I picked up a Wilderness Systems Commander last week and am finding the need for a drain plug. So for those who know alot more than me, where should I locate the plug.

My initial review seems as though it should be located on the gunnel slightly ahead of the rod holder and just behind the seat.

All input welcome.



My Tarpons

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have the plug on the rear above water line to the left of the keel.

Try here
Look at the forums at http://www.kayakfishingstuff.com

i’v put drain-plugs in my boats
I put my drain plug at the end of the kayak as close to the bulkhead as was possible so I could lift nad drain.

In my mallards, I put it at the point of the stern.

The thing is to ask:

…“WHERE will the water go if Ihave tolift or tip the boat,?”

then put the plug there.

Newer Kayaks
It may sound strange but I’ve seen drain plugs mounted near the side carry handles well above waterline. The kayak can be leaned on one side and drained from there. Much better than trying to stand it on the pointy end. I don’t remember the brand but it was a newer model and it came that way from the factory.

I know the Manta Ray has them on the side. For a long boat, a side drain is nice, but it’s probably not going to let all the water drain there. You’ll probably have to use a sponge for that last quart.

On boats under 10 foot, drains often go at the stern.