Drain Plug

I have several Old Town Discovery square sterns, which I use for fishing. It’s always a issue when I make an extended trailer trip that it might rain and flood my boat and gear. And, when actually fishing, getting rid of water that gets onboard. I’ve recently experimented with installing a drain plug in the bottom, right at the transom. They have come out wonderfully, and I put together a Powerpoint on how to do it. If you would like to see it, send me an email and I’ll send it to you. subgauge@comcast.net

in racing canoes we use a self bailer installed in the floor. you require some speed to creat the low pressure necessary to remover the water. about $100. not hard to install

I was going to post the same, but you
beat me to it.

I have one in my Susquehanna, my cruiser, and my J boats.

I used to be scared to use them, but after some experimenting, found that I didn’t have to be going that fast to get the water sucked out.

They are great to have if you get caught in a gully washing rain storm.

Jack L