Draining water out of Kayak

How do you get the water out of your kayak, especially after washing it? My Tsunamia has no way to get the water out even after flipping it over.


sponge or pump
For large amount of water, I use a hand pump (same one I carry with me when I paddle, just in case I flip and need to drain the boat).

For smaller amounts, a sponge (as recommended above) works well. They may special sponges for boating which are super absorbent, so pick up a lot more water than a standard household sponge.



We have a winner.

Great for getting out sand also

Long straw
Sponge is more palatable though.


wont that be fun if you
flip in open water and have to wet exit…install a drain plug.

Double whammy winner. Knew I shouldn’t
have let my wife talk me into leaving the shop vac behind last move. It wasn’t big, but great for that kind of thing.

I installed a drain plug way up in the
nose of my Necky Looksha Sport. The drain plug assembly also serves as an internal tie point for the nose end of a float bag. (This particular Necky had no front bulkhead.)

Harmony drain plug kits are fairly easy to install. The problem is to identify a place on the hull where you can corral that last quart of water and drain it out.

Use teeter-totter method
You need two people though.

Flip kayak with water in it over. (Some water will come out.) Partner lifts up his end, your end remains low. Then you lift up your end, his end remains low. Do this a few times and most of the water comes out at the cockpit. Flip back over and sponge it dry. It works.

thirsty dog
replaces water with drool, though.

Hole in combing
I have found that a lot of poly boats can benefit from a pair of 1/4" holes on either side of the cockpit combing. A spray skirt can cover the hole while you are on the water but it is immensely helpful for draining boats on land. Look for a high point in the cockpit where the last bit of water doesn’t want to come out from for the placement