Drains plugs

Just ordered a few SEA-LECT drain plugs ( no screws) for our

Wilderness Systems Pungo120 and Perception Prodigy 10’.

I plan to put bulkheads in the bow of both so am wondering about placement for the drain plugs, getting water out of these is a pain as it always seems to catch in the cockpit coaming, so I thought placing the plugs within the coaming recess area, so if I turn the yaks sideways at a 45 deg. they will drain and the plug itself will be protected from accidental bumping by being in the recess.

Anybody see a problem with this or can suggest better placement?

Thanks in advance,K

How will you add bulkheads?
That can be a difficult project, difficult to get them to stay in place and difficult to seal them against water.

And I’m feeling ignorant about what you’re draining, and why it needs to be drained. Drain water that gets in the bulkhead area? Then what is the bulkhead doing?

My Necky Looksha Sport came with no front bulkhead. I installed the front hatch kit, and then used that access to insert and tie in place a large inflatable float bag. In a way, this is better than a bulkhead, because a bulkhead cell can fill, but a float bag…floats.

Sorry to ask you to explain what might be simple and obvious for you.

Same confusion
I don’t see any reason to add drain plugs for the cockpit area of a boat if you are going to have a bulkhead on each end, and that sounds like what you plan to do. I assume that if you are adding a bulkhead it will also have a hatch so that you can put something into the bulkhead.

If this is just about adding air/water displacement, a better idea would be float bags. A lot less work and they could easily be more reliable at displacing water without failure than an added-in bulkhead.

Standing back far enough - it might be an even more efficient idea in terms of money to look around for a used boat or two that have the features you want. With the size of cockpit in each of these boats, especially the Pungo, no amount of added features will turn them into boats that are suited for bigger water. And it sounds like that may be what you are trying to do.

Just drill a small [quarter inch] hole in the coaming area as a drain hole!

also confused?
It sounds like you are putting the combings in, but expect that some water may get around. So you want to put a drain plug in, but these are push in plugs so you don’t want to risk them being popped off accidentally?

Or is the drain plug so that you can drain the cockpit after the bulkhead is put in?

If the former, I’d suggest putting in a hatch kit so that you could both reach in with a pump or sponge to drain the storage area, and also be able to use the area to store things.

If the latter, you may want to instead fit some closed cell foam into the area behind the seat to fill in the gap that catches water when you flip the boat over to drain.

Answers to all
Actually, the Prodigy is an LL Bean Manatee, same yak,but without the stern bulkhead and with a Perception hatch cover, so it definitely needs a stern bulkhead…( I’m also a Jack-of-all trades type, so have no doubt I can cut and install a bulkhead properly, correct materials,cut relief compression grooves, etc…)

I also thought about putting a bow bulkhead in at least the Pungo120, for extra dry storage AND floatation…but maybe floatbags for both would be better.The Prodigy/Manatee just has a chunk of cc foam glued in the bow as of now.

The problem I’m having is getting the last of the water out of the yaks cockpit after taking them out.

When I flip them over to let the water out, it seems the coaming groove ( all already installed) stop that bit of water from falling out, and yes the plugs I’m installing are push in types ( I’ll use a good sealant).

Thanks for the replies, hope this cleared up all questions.

I see no confusion, but…
I would put the plug just below the coaming.

If you ever want to use a skirt, It might interfere with it .

jack L

Get a sponge
To get the last of the water out, it would be simpler to get a sponge.

second the sponge
Get a good one from a Marine store if you can.

The sponges in the Pnet store are just the ticket. It’s what I use.

And after you sponge the boat out, store it right side up with the cockpit uncovered so the moisture inside will evaporate.

Tile and grout sponge from the hardware
store. When I bought my kayaks the paddle shop gave the sponges with them.

A better reason to put a drain plug near
the cockpit is that one can put a properly selected bike lock through the hole, with the threaded plug moved to a place where it won’t get lost.

No lock is invulnerable, but a lock used this way is more of a deterrent than a cable that can be easily sawed through.

for sure!
That’s too easy and makes too much sense,lol.

We have a sponge on the way.

god idea
I do like that idea!

Build in stern bulkhead either
vertically from coaming or angle it a bit if you want a little more storage room …

The main point is, place the bulkhead juuuust behind the comaing and use whatever you decide for sealant or fillet to run right up to coaming edge … When you invert the boat, ALL the water will spill out.