Drifting kayaks

We seem to get an incident once every year or two where the Coast Guard starts a search for someone who’s safe at home after losing a kayak.


A simple phone call would have saved a lot of trouble, as would a name and phone number on the boat.

Here endeth the sermon.

I’ll add to that
If there had just been a cockpit cover installed on it no search. Also, for those concerned with resale; use a Sharpie marker. A little isopropyl alcohol and it’s erased.

Last time I put in in portland Maine they charged me $5 to launch and made me write my name on my paddle, and I got to take a ?warm? shower at the take out. The bathroom was well maintained. Not so bad

Never Occurrred To Me
to write my name on my boat or equipment until I started to do white water. Seems that folks do lose things on a “yard sale.” The local bulletin boards always seem to have postings of lost and found and folks actually post and/or get back lost equipment.

I lost a paddle at the RISK winter surf session. As far as I know, there is still a paddle floating somewhere in the Atlantic with my name and cell number on it.


About 15 years ago…
I was paddling a WW yak in a unclassified NC mountain stream right after a gully washer, (that was before I smartened up).

I would classify it as III-IV.

I went upside down, and my helmetted head went bump bump on the rocks. After finally giving up on a roll, which I was a “pro” at since I had done one succesfully in a pool, I opted for a wet exit. Naturally since I was a pro, I had tucked the grab loop under the skirt, and by the time I finally saved myself from Davy Jones locker, the paddle was long gone.

I had my name on it, but no address.

About three weeks later, my paddle was sitting in my driveway.

One of the neighbors said a fisherman came by asking if any one knew who I was and where I lived and she pointed out our house.

I never was able to thank the fisherman.