Drilling into an Old Town Discovery

Looking to install an Anchor Trolley in my new Discovery 158 and am trying to get guidance on drilling holes through polyethylene and using Well Nuts. Anyone have anyone know if this would be a bad idea?

You can drill through three layer PE boats without any trouble. I use regular jobber bits bit start with a bit smaller than the final desired size of the hole and progressively enlarge it as needed. Putting a strip of tape on the inside of the hull where the bit is going to penetrate helps to keep the inner solid layer of PE from chipping.

Thanks! Its surprisingly hard to find some solid answers on this.

Canoes only need light anchors. Why would you mess with a contraption for your anchor?
I use a mesh bag with a few rocks in it.

I like the idea of a trolley to quickly change the trim of the anchor and switch it from bow and stern to get the optimal casting direction. I’m going fishing in an inter-coastal waterway for the first time and am maybe a little too worried about wind/current so I wanted something flexible.

Probably should of gone with the simplest solution first, but too late now!

Drilling is easy, just get your regular drill and the size bit for the hole you want. I haven’t used well nuts, I have used pop rivets with a backing washer, or through bolts with washers.