Drilling into Carbon/Kevlar deck.

Hi. I am the happy new owner of a used Imex Mystic with a carbon/kevlar layup. I want to make some changes to the bungie configuration and mount a knee tube under the foredeck. So, I need to drill some holes. Is there anything special about drilling into carbon/kevlar or is it just like drilling into fiberglass?

It’s similar to drilling into fiberglass
I prefer to use a wood bit, which has little cutting spurs. You can tape the surface, even inside and out if you want. Just don’t use an old, dull, metal bit. Let the bit do the work, don’t force it.

But here’s something to think about. If the laminate is really light, then will the things you install put a strain on the laminate that might cause delamination? If the boat were mine and I was concerned, I might reinforce each area to be drilled with a little piece of glass or Kevlar, applied with epoxy resin.

Just something to obsess about.

I have a package of 3/4" ss. washers for #10 machine screws that took the place of extra glass on plywood kayaks.

That’s exactly what I was planning to
do. Thanks for the feedback.

I always drill through masking tape
placed over the hull in the area to be drilled. You will greatly reduce any splintering or chipping of the gel (if any) or resin coat. Makes a cleaner hole overall.

Washers may be more than enough,
as long as you aren’t dealing with high loads. But they don’t spread the load as well as a cloth patch.