Drings in a beat up MRC ME

Just a quick video of my “plan of attack” on this old ME. Feels like a dougd project.



Do you have a source for those 1 1/2" D rings with the hard plastic base that used to be marketed by Voyageur?

I believe that Marlin Bayes at Western Canoeing and Kayaking has the mold for the 3/4" rings with the hard plastic base, but I haven’t seen the larger ones for some time.

Stay tuned…
I’ll make a phone call tomorrow and post info.

I’ve found that the hard grey plastic
things pop loose more easily than vinyl fabric D-rings, using Vynabond. I’ve switched to using G-flex, and I score or drill the grey plastic so the G-flex can get a better grip.

Hey Now!
Actually it looks like one of my projects! Maybe I should come up and give you some advice! :wink: Or a least a can of liquid courage!


I drill out holes, too.
I wanted to use vinyl padded d’s with Vynabond, but this canoe has had some serious sh@# done to it. There are three different substances in the spots I’m gluing to: 3M Adhesive, fiberglass, and vinyl skin. As I’m sure you know, the Vynabond will only stick to vinyl. This project has been loaded with this kind of stuff. I had to put in kneeling thwarts instead of foam saddles because the bottom interior is such an mess and I am not willing to guarantee that they would have held under normal use.

alternative adhesives
West Systems G Flex epoxy will bind vinyl patches to bare ABS. I am told that Stabond also works very well on Royalex from which the inner vinyl layer has been stripped.

I have heard stories of the hard plastic D ring bases popping off. I have also heard of them creating stress risers at the edge of the plastic base leading to cracks in Royalex hull bottoms. I have not experienced either problem personally, and I have had quite a few boats (some Royalex and some composite) which have had them. I have usually bonded them in with the 3M Scotch Weld 2 part urethane structural adhesive.