Drip guards for my paddle?

Sorry if this is a bit of a newbie question here, but I have a very nice, but cheap paddle (fine for me a - a kayaking newbie), but it has not got drip guards on it (if that is the even the right terminology?!). So, when I paddle, the water often runs down the paddle onto me!

Does anyone know where I can purchase universal sized drip guards?

Also, what is a good budget paddle if I wish to buy a seconds paddle (drip guards included!)?



If you have a one piece paddle
just buy drip rings the right diameter and split them, either glue them in place using cable ties to hold them back together or just put them on with the cable ties only. If you have two piece paddles ,no prob just buy the right ones and slip them into place.

Do a google for Kayak paddle drip ring
and you will find a lot of sources:









DO not forget to look at local shops too.

Also you can tie a piece or string around the shaft. Be sure to let the string hang down from the shaft bottom. Most of the water will down it instead of along the shaft to your hands. Yarn or soft thicker string seem to work better.



It’s a water sport
Or you could simply accept that kayaking is a water sport and accept that you will get wet.