drip rings for one piece paddle

Looking for some rings for my sons paddle. He gets pretty soaked from the drips. I know its a water sport and your going to get wet, but if I can slow it down for him it would be nice.

I found these… Any good? any other brands that are better?





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Why not split standard ones and clamp them in place with cable ties?


You just need something there to change the water direction.

Tie some cord around the shaft.

Get nautical - Tie two Turks Head knots.

The knots need to be far enough away from the blade that he is not putting them underwater when he paddles.

Won’t stop it all, but it will help.

try these.

grapefruit jug
I cut a slit in the jug, removed the bottom and used duct tape. I went out 3 times, it got warm and decided pokies were better next year.

I’ve used the outdoorplay version, still
have them. There might be some paddle shafts they won’t fit. They work OK, but in my experience, one’s paddling style affects how much dripping occurs.

Huh? NM

I use the Premier Kayak neoprene
collars that fit with Velcro on my GP that work ok if you stretch and fit them tight. R

Bungee works
A piece of 1/4" bungee tiied around the shaft woks good.

Turkey Baster Bulb.
A fine suggestion from Mike McCrea several years back, which I deployed on a Mohawk double/single conversion paddle I used to use.

You just need to slice the bulb in half along its equator. Mind you, my first time of non-x-acto equatorial dissection was a bit of a jagged affair, and thus my two Mohawk shafts appear to be sportin’ latex tulips. But, they do work, and I usually leave these “drip blooms” in place when unclipping my double blade setup, sliding them higher up the shaft so as not to enter the water with some of my more deep entry single blade maneuvers.

The turkey baster bulb already has one manufactured hole in its orb where it is joined to the syringe. This usually is of ample circumference to slide over while still providing a firm enough grip to the paddle shaft without slippage(wetting the bulb usually makes it easier to slide up-n-down when adjusting its position above the blade). You may need to trim it wider depending on the paddle your son uses. You’ll need to cut in a similar hole in your other hemisphere.

Anyway, as long as the baster bulb is made of a pliant rubber or latex, I believe you’ll have an inexpensive, and fairly easy to obtain solution for your son’s soak-in-solution.