drop in canoe seats

We have a Wenonah Spirit II in royalex, and we’re thinking about getting a temporary seat for a third (adult) passenger, and I’m wondering what our options are. I see Wenonah makes one and I’ve seen a one mention of the Old Town seat fitting this canoe (can anyone confirm?). How do these two compare, and are there other options? Thanks.

Spring Creek makes at least one such
and as I recall, it can serve as a portage yoke. But then, Spring Creek offers sponsons and a sort of rowing rig.

Two kinds
One type attaches to, fits over, or somehow hangs down from the gunwales. The other type is like a little lawn chair that you can put on the bottom of the canoe, and also use outside the canoe as a camp chair.

Google is your friend.

I like the old town for a center passenger, but not for paddling from the center position. The overhang on the outside of the gunnel dings paddle shafts and knuckles. Ive used them allot for canoe to fixed seat rowboat conversions. Make sure your beam is correct as they dont like to be pinched.

Thanks for the pointer. My Google searches didn’t turn that up, apparently it’s not my friend. That looks very similar to the Wenonah seat, I wonder if it’s the same one.