"Drop Shot".....?

I keep hearing the term “drop shot” among bass fishermen. Can anybody here bring me up to date on this?

What is a “drop shot”?

How is it used?

What are the advantages/disadvantages?



There is a decent explanation of drop shot fishing over at


if posting another site is allowed

good place to start
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Dropshot pros and cons…
Dropshot fishing is simply a way to keep your rubber bait off the bottom and hopefully in the fish zone. Tie a sinker, 1/4 oz. works, on the end of your line. With a palomar knot, tie your worm hook 1-3 feet above the sinker. The palomar knot keeps the bait pointed perpendicular to the line.

Pros…more ‘exposed’ bait presentation, sensitivity, can keep the bait above the grass/brush.

Cons…gets hung up more, harder to cast, sometimes fish are IN the brush and cover.

Personally, I use Texas style rigging around here with equal results. The bait “crawls” through brush better and gets hung up less.