Dropped my Pungo 140

Well she was leaning up against the top back of my Cherokee Bow up stern on driveway.
I got distracted by my neighbor who came over to chat she was babbling on and next thing ya know it slid off, landed on concrete driveway with a nice bang
I’d say bout 5 ft drop prob hit bumper on its way. landed on bow hull upright
Its a 10 yr old Pungo 140 in great shape, just got it for $300
I dont see any cracks or blatant damage . Is there anything I’m missing or should look for ?
Should I worry ?, it seems pretty tough.
Will take it out on water tomorrow to dbl ck everything.

I think you are good to go. I had one slide off a car roof, dent the trunk and hit the driveway. The boat was fine.
I have never waxed another hull.

Quite a few years ago we were parked at a put in and I had just finished unstrapping our Old Town Discovery from the top of our pick up truck. I turned my back for a second and a wind gust blew it off the top.
It bounced like a ball.
It had absolutely no damage

I think you need to sell it to me for $50.

Thanks for the comments . It 's my my first kayak ( i’ve canoe’d for decades) and this model was hard to find used. Seems those who own Pungos keep em forever . I looked it over closely last nite . especially the bow area Got a few new scratches from the drop-dont care too much about that stuff, Didnt see anything bent. Can this type of plastic bend or just break ? Taking it out today If she cruises straight after a couple paddles then I know its all good and shows just how tough they really are.

I’ve had a kayak get knocked off the truck by a light pole, flew off the truck and into the boat I was towing. , It has a crease in the inside of the hull in the rear compartment. Likely the hit zone. But everything is fine. Alignment and water tightness is still good… Happened 6 years ago.

Pungo should be fine. Check the driveway for possible cracks and damage. :slight_smile:
Plastic kayaks are incredibly tough (but the downside is that they are heavy).
FYI, I finally learned the hard way not to store any of my kayak gear even temporarily, by leaning it up against something. Dinged a nice paddle that way…

Yeah learned my lesson quick and will be more careful

Took it out yesterday, she’s all good ! Tracked straight as usual. Improving my turning skills on this one since its not a quick spinner. But as a luxury cruiser it can’t be beat especially on days like these here in CO !

I always use a piece of paracord attached to the part of the boat on the ground and the vehicle when the boat is lifted up. I do this even for a just a few seconds, it is a great piece of mind. I have stainless steel carabiner that clips to the boat and 2 bowlines on the other, tied in just the right spot for my boat and @Lillyflowers boat. I got this trick off of youtube, it’s great.