Drought is over in SW Michigan

My local rivers are running at six times the volume of a week ago. The St Joseph was around 1500 cfs a week ago which was near the record low of about 1000 cfs and today it’s over 10000 cfs which is a new record high. So I went on the much smaller Paw Paw today. Pics show one of my favorite pullover spots today and same spot a couple of weeks ago. We have much more rain forecasted.

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Wow! Quite a difference and certainly good news.

Up here we weren’t quite in drought status; rated “abnormally dry” but the rain was much needed.

My rain gauge showed four inches this afternoon, measuring from Friday night. I wasn’t sure that was correct until I looked at my frog pond, which was nearly overflowing.

Because of the dryness, I was storing my kayak hull down on my dock. When I uncovered it today, the cockpit cover was sunken and filled with water. Flipped the boat over to dump the water, pulled off the cover, and not a drop of water was inside the cockpit. Five stars to my Seals neoprene cockpit cover (thanks, @Marshall).

Went out for a short paddle, dodging rain squalls, then stored the boat hull up as more rain is forecast this week.

Boom and bust. Our second summer with no rain. Canoeing is more difficult; the small streams linking lakes are dry. We are in moderate to severe drought … Maine | Drought.gov

Our blueberries suffer. And its hot. Hot for us is in the 80s and tomorrow will be 90.

Yay, cockpit cover success!

5 days coming of 90 degrees here. My lawn is envious of your frog pond.

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Our drought is definitely not over in western Colorado, although the last few days have helped. Through the end of May, we were just about 1.75" of total precipitation for the year! We’ve had some good rain this past week, but we’re still only about 2.5" so far. We’re seeing mature trees dying, as well as just about any flower or shrub that isn’t being watered.

Yes, water has found land here again and the flows are green with a few blues.

The west is arid and what I tell people is it’s common for them to have 12 inch rainfalls. Yeah, they look at me strangly, then I add “that’s one drop every 12 inches”

.Some days 2" but at least 0.5 inch every day…

With the Tropical Storm headed our way…Tuesday. Its early. That might change.

Yes, drought is over.