Drowning locally

Flat-water and close to shore. Others were nearby to help. Father and son out fishing. Both fit. Canoe flipped. Son made it. The father didn’t. The son was was wearing a PFD. The father wasn’t. Water temp is between 45 and 50. Damn shame.

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All the gear, all the time
Yep, know the incident you are talking about. I fish that spot all the time.

Me too.
Nice little spot. I’ve taken my largest largemouth bass from that lake. Lovely spot for seeing deer and turkey and cooper hawks and various wildlife. Fishing is decent, but perfect for lazily casting to weed edges in the summer.

This was just such an easily preventable loss. It makes me want to cry for that family.

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Great loss
That’s a great loss. I bet the son is probably blaming himself. For a son to loose a father that way is awful. It just goes to show you how quick it can happen and happen to anybody. How old was the son, was he real young? They say cold water is a real shock to the body. If it is prolonged it disrupts the normal thought processes and you loose control of your limbs so ordinary swimming becomes difficult. Trying to keep from panicking is probably the biggest fight.

From what I hear…
I don’t know the family. From what I have read and heard, the boy was only 9 years old. There were other folks fishing who saw the incident. Both the father and son were swimming to shore. The other paddlers came to lend assistance in the rescue. The father encouraged the son to push on as fast as he could. The other paddlers assisted the son out of the water. In the meanwhile, the father had gone under. It’s terribly sad. The son and the rescuers did what they should have. The father did what he should have by encouraging his son. From what little I know, the only conclusion I can draw is that it all came down to not wearing a PFD. I have no information about why he wasn’t wearing it, and because of the terrible consequences in this situation I refuse to engage in conjecture.

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