Dry bag and pack care

I just returned from a four day trip with the family and have finished the cleaning and drying of the various dry bags and packs. Before I put them all away this time I thought I’d ask if there are any suggestions for storage. Normally I just stuff the bags and packs inside each other but I wondered if there was any recommended way to store, stacked loosely and open, jammed inside each other like my usual or?


For longer term storage between trips:
I make sure my dry bags are clean and thoroughly dry. I’ll then VERY lightly dust the insides with baking soda, and roll the bags up individually. I store all the rolled up bags in a large nylon sack. It doesn’t take up much space, the dry bags are kept all together and are easy to sort through. The baking soda helps with any funky smells and is pretty easy to wipe off when you’re ready for your next trip. I’ve been doing this for years and haven’t had any problems so far! - wd