Dry bag for short trip

So a bunch of us are heading out for our first kayaking trip in the pine barrens in NJ. We’re doing an overnight and I wanted to know what advice people could give for keeping stuff dry.

I’d like to avoid dropping the $50-$100 on a Dry Bag.

I’ve read that lining an existing duffel with a trash compactor bag works.

Basically it’s an easy paddle overnight and we’ll be packing:

tent, sleeping bags, food, overnight clothes and toothbrushes.

Also anyone have a glasses strap that they think works?

Don’t need a dry bag

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"I've read that lining an existing duffel with a trash compactor bag works."

That should work fine. You should be able to use a garbage bag too.

You really only need to keep the sleeping bag and clothing dry.

If you are doing longer trips, the dry bag will hold up better to abuse.

I agree and can only add;
on the eyeglass bungees get the ones with the little floats attached that will keep your glasses floating if you do have a mishap and they come off.

I learned the hard way when I flipped in some surf and my glasses complete with “Crokies” went to Davy Jones locker1

have a great trip and



dry bags
before I started using dry bags, I was taught to individually water proof items within a larger bag. I used one gallon zip locks, with some duck tape around the edges. Then put that stuff into a plastic bag. That carried me across Japan, Australia, and countless other trips. However, lately I’ve been using those really large ziplock storage bags, for some of my recent trips. I’ve manage to use the same bags for the last few trips that I took; Wal-Mart under $10 a box.


Sea to Summit
has a great line of bags and I just bought 1 each of 8 different sizes. They are great, strong, light weight and hold up well.

You can do without them but when you finally decide to purchase one or two you will be happily surprised.

Paddlin’ on


article on p.net
Checkout this article for some info: