Dry bag identification

I know this is an old video but does anyone recognize the clear bags that he is removing from day hatch and clipping to deck lines starting at 00:25 ?


Yes but I tossed the couple of them that we had when I cleaned out questionably serviceable gear over the last few years. (and sadly I still have more to go) So can’t look at them to find the manufacturer.
That said, I saw some very similar newer ones at Maine Sport this last summer, just without the tether built in. Could maybe be added.

Thank you. Yes, I saw a couple that are close…Sea to Summit, but no tether or clip. I was curious if maybe it was a non-marine product that he had re-purposed and someone would recognize it. I like the ability to lay it flat on the deck and tether it. My current day hatch solution is a series of small dry bags but they don’t exactly sit flat for rummaging through.

Something similar…Amazon.com

That’s pretty close. Thank you

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