Dry bag question

Hi all,

I am just starting kayaking with plans of doing a 4 - 6 day trip in the Gulf Islands at the end of the summer. I need to get some dry bags, and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what sizes and how many of each size we would need for this trip (and what sizes you find most useful!). There will be two of us on this trip, in our own kayaks, so camping/cooking gear will be split up.

Thanks guys!

Hi Kelly, what stuff are you going to
bring along ? If you put said stuff in bags, how big could the bags be and still fit in the hatches and how many would you need to hold the stuff you will bring along?

Look at NRS
They have a wide variety of bags, including tapers that will efficiently use space in your boats.



Don’t overstuff bags because you will
cause leaks after a few uses. We double bag items that absolutely must be kept dry. Or we use a Pelican box.

Lots of little bags
Lots of little bags will fit a lot easier than a couple of big ones! Tapered bags are nice to fit in the ends of the kayak, but only put lightweight gear there (like clothes). It’s best to pack it so the weight is about even front and back. If you have a compass attached to the bow of your boat (which is a good idea) you’ll want to keep anything magnetic away from it.

surf to summit
new brand of excellent dry bags. pliable water proof nylon. stuff vey well. lots of small bags mo better than a few big ones, as Steve noted.

Very helpful
Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

Make that Sea to Summit…
They are very good.


Ultra Sil™ Dry Sacks
I have not used these, but they will be interesting to check out.