Dry bag repair

Which glue or sealant works the best with re-sealing the seam on the bottom of a dry bag where the black bottom has separated from the color tube?

Would a hot glue gun type work?


aqua seal
thanks, I’ll look for the aqua seal. I imagine the maker of the bag would have their proprietary stuff too.

I repaired my dry bags with Vynabond. The same glue used to glue D rings into royalex canoes. It is specially made for vinyl and plastics.

If it’s a vinyl drybag,…

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...use vinyl adhesive.


You may be ahead if you just get a new bag.

leaky bag , ahhh damn
butter off yet to get a new dry bag than messing around…patching is not worth the time…still will be leaky…like your leaky duckie

Aquaseal is the best glue
I have ever used. It is the only glue I use when I need it to work in extreme conditions.

Go to any pool supply place and get a pool patch kit. It may be the same stuff as those fency names, but it works.

most bags are vinyl
and need to be repaired with propietary material-wich would be Vinabond or H55 (pool shops, flooring supplies).

If you have a heatgun, you could also hot weld but that needs some experience, otherwise you’ll burn the material and after that, no chemical weld (vinabond) will work.

If it’s small bag and not a large, expensive portage sack:

buy a new one instead-chances are, if the bottom weld was bad, something else is gona give soon-maybe the seams around the buckles…

If it’s a brand name bag: send it to the manufacturer with a note-maybe, you’ll get a new one as a replacement-those welds are not supposed to ever open…

Tried Aquaseal to glue a d-ring
to a plastic drybox. The instructions for the d-ring were to use vynabond. Had none of that adhesive but a bunch of Aquaseal so tried it. Less than two months later, d-ring is no longer attached.

I’d try vynabond myself.

return the bag
maybe I’ll try this. I have others, but being a recyclable kind of guy, I try to save money for food.

thanks for all of the suggestions.