Dry Bag Repair???

I have a vinyl Sealine Dry bag that has a very small hole in it. Any suggestions on how to best repair it?



vinyl adhesive
Use a vinyl adhesive like Vynabond. For a pinhole, just a little dab of adhesive will work but a small vinyl patch is preferable.

You can usually buy a little repair kit with adhesive and some vinyl material at places like the camping or outdoor sections of Dick’s or Walmart. They are used to repair air mattresses and the like.

Aquaseal will also work for small holes.

I don’t find Vynabond useful for any
thing but bonding vinyl to vinyl. Not even for long term filling of holes in vinyl, unless a vinyl overpatch is used. Aquaseal is an excellent hole filler if the surface is cleaned properly. Stays flexible, adheres strongly to just about any surface.

But avoid any urethane “goo” or “goop” unless you KNOW it stays flexible with time.

My experience is different
I have used Vynabond to repair very small pinholes in flotation bags, such as might be acquired by dragging the boat through greenbriar, without using vinyl patches. This works if the holes are very small, and the bag is un-inflated when the adhesive is applied.

I agree that a patch is generally preferred, and necessary when the hole is anything other than very small.

I used hippo patch tape
Available at Cabela’s and other fine retailers:


My repair has lasted over a season and still seems fine.

Aquaseal or Seam Grip
I’ve sucessfully repaired inflatable sleeping pads with Seam Grip. Might work well on a dry bag. The same company makes Aquaseal, which is made for water sports (wet/dry suits), so maybe that will even work better. You can buy it at REI or EMS.