Dry Bag seal suggestion

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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Figger'd ah' pass this along. When closin' up a dry bag - if yer first fold over de corners of de opening before yer start ta fold over de rest you'll git a better seal.


Don’t you just clip the
clippy things? Now you tell me!

If ya’s be folding dem corners over, how da heck d’ya be clipping dem clippy tings, be’n as de clippy tings be on dem corners? Me be confused mon.

Let me ‘splain’

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On most dry bags, thaar be a couple o' inches of de dry bag material dat goes past de reinforced band dat de clippy thangs are attached to. Dis inch or two of material be wat yer fold over at de corners. Then yer do yer foldin' wit de clippy thangs hangin' out (like me gut) an' then yer clip. Ah'll see if ah' kin take a picture of this an' post it on webshots.


Gad zooks! Ah' jus' saw that NRS has a description of this on their website. Always thought ah's come'd up wit this idee many years ago. Here de link.



A picture is worth a thousand words…
Thanks Elmo!

Why don’t you
just cut off those dang"dog ear" corners?

Then yer
bag will leak like a sieve. Bendin’ de corners over will seal de corners - dats waar ye usually leak.


Dog gone it!
I thought I came up with that idea all by my self!

Hey Y’all aint been doin that mind readin, spoon bendin stuff down in Jersy have ya?

No matter who thought of it. It works for me too.


Dis be strange…

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Mighty strange indeed. Yer gots de same notion of foldin' in de corner's of drybags dat ah' gots. NRS had de same. How many others came up wit de same idee?
Humm... de way ah's figger it, it gots ta be aliens fro' otter space dat must'a implanted dis notion in certain folk's noggin's - jus' like wit de Monolith an' dat ape-boy in 2001 - A Spam Oddity. Come ta think of it, ah's kin' jus' recollect me' bein' abducted by scantily clad alien green chicks in de Pine Barrens right after drinkin' a bottle o' Yukon Jack one time years ago.
Shazam! Sounds like a good plot fer a future X-Files movie. Hey, ah' gits ta have de first smoochie scene wit Scully in a drybag...


mmmmm…Scully with a drybag…NM

Spend on Watershed to get dryness.
The real problem with conventional roll closures is that, when they are immersed, small amounts of water will get inside the roll. Then, cooling of the bag by the water causes the air in the bag to contract, and water is drawn through the rolled up closure, sometimes all the way into the bag.

Doing a good job rolling the bag will reduce this, but will not eliminate it. If you think that roll closure is air and water tight, just fill a bag with clothes, roll it up tight, clip it shut, and sit on it while watching TV for an hour or two. It will lose air. A Watershed bag will not lose air.

If roll closure bags are packed in a canoe, raft, or kayak so that the roll closure is unlikely to be submerged in water for very long, the amount of water drawn in through the closure after a splashing will be a small amount or even zero. But if roll closure bags are repeatably sloshed, and repeatedly subjected to temperature changes due to sun, shade, sloshing, and drying off, then the amount of water getting inside can become annoyingly significant.

Agree wit yer thaar,
Dats why ah’ use barrels fer me ‘must keep dry’ stuff.


Have you priced the Watershed bags?
Way out of my range. For the price of the 5 bags I could get a new canoe and accessories.


I use some roll-top bags, and some
Voyageur bags with slide closures. The Voyageur bags are absolutely dry, but are made of a lighter fabric than the Watershed bags. A Watershed bag is for stuff that MUST stay dry, like medical kits, expensive cameras, etc.

For a roll-top bag, if you find your down bag comes out damp, next time put it in a plastic bag liner.

Ozark Trail Float Bag
My Brother-in-law found one at Wal-Mart for like $24.00. Looks good and worked well on our last trip. A lot better than the waterproof cartop thing I used, but that’s another story, only the bottom gets wet in standing water. I told him to pick one up for me as the WalMart here doesn’t have them. He’s in FL and theirs does. Go figure.

I’m going to get that one and maybe order another one so I can compare. Will probably still use plastic bags as a liner though.


We bought a Watershed bag to
haul a guitar and uke. Costs less than replacing the instruments.