Dry bags for canoes - what do you use?

I have seen pictures of dry bags that are tied to the thwart. Been looking for one. Any suggestions?

baja Bags
I use Baja Bags all the time, My favourite is a 35 l daypack that will also double as a food bag that I can hang by the shoulder straps

You can tie any dry bag to a thwart no problem! Just do it.

IF your question is “where to buy dry bags?” then we have a different answer

NSR, REI, are places for starters to get dry bags.

Most of the gear companies listed on Pnet have them too.

I need dry bags with side straps
For example, http://www.altrec.com/shop/detail/6307/?cm_mmc=paid%20search--inktomi--Dry-_-Watershed%20Ocoee%20Duffel%20Bag

This one at least has rings I can use.

You can’t go wrong with Watershed,
as durable and dry as any bag available. I have found occasionally that their hooks, loops, or closure are not quite where I would want them, but this is less of a problem in a canoe.

I have one of those and can vouch
Watershed dry bags are about as bombproof as one can get. I carry electronics in mine without a second thought. They also are easily attached to a canoe thwart or airbag lacing, using the built in cinch straps.

I agree, Water Shed bags are great.

I’ve flipped my raft twice in class IV -V water with expensive cameras on board. Watersheds leaked not a drop.

REMEMBER, 303 the seals.


Best quality for the money
for small and medium sized bags are the Tortugas line from Gaia Sports. Vinyl coated Nylon with great seams. They don’t get condensation in them in direct sun and I have really soaked them without leakage.

For large bags I also like their Galapagos zipper bags, They are great for being able to get stuff out without having to dig throught whole bag to find it,but at over $120 for the 5300 cubic incher, I will have to use my NRS Bill’s bags for a while longer.

Gaia drybags
were pure crap a few years ago. The lining would abrade off from the inside and voila you have a leaky nylon bag. I have no idea if things have improved since then since I never bought another of their products after getting all the food in one of their packs wet. THe lining had simply worn out after a year.

I would only trust a lined nylon bag with soft stuff and not food or hard edged articles. I do use the Sea To Summmit nylon bags with the interior coating and roll down closure. They really do work (especially the sil nylon ones which can generate a good vacuum) for soft goods.

Go with the heavier PVC bags like the Seal Line if you have edged things, or you are going to shove them through hatches.

I use either a 35 liter Seal Line Bag or a barrel for food.

Gaia’s quality
has much improved. I also picked up a set of their canoe air bags last year that have done very well.