Dry Bags, PVC/Vinyl versus Nylon

Looking at the PVC dry bags versus the urethane coated nylon dry bags. Any thoughts on durability and ease of getting into and out of a composite kayak? Was thingking the PVC may grab onto the semi-rough inside surface of a composite kayak.


By PVC, you mean vinyl film bags?
I haven’t noticed a difference between bags made of vinyl and bags made of coated fabric in terms of pulling them in or out of kayaks.

I have used Voyageur bags, which are Nylon coated inside with urethane. They are lighter than vinyl bags made by the same manufacturer. However, the Nylon on the outside will soak up enough water (at least in whitewater usage) to negate much of the weight advantage. The fabric on Voyageur bags holds up quite well, but I have found that leaks develop where the inflation tube enters the bag. These can be repaired, or prevented, by applying Seam Grip around the base of the fitting where it enters the bag.

whatever kind
don’t throw them or use them for cushions. The stiff/heavy kind that are most common I’d use in the cockpit, like if there was room beyond the footbraces jammed sideways where my feet would rest on it or small ones behind the backband. I can’t find them but there used to be flat rectangular nylon ones that fit well on top of two round 9" ones or up against the corners.

I’ve been using WX-tek Pneumo bags, flat rectangular coated nylon with a purge valve and fold down top. Several sizes. They work well for me. The pvc bags are bombproof but harder to use.


Coated nylon better in many cases
The plastic dry bags do not slide as well as coated nylon and get stiff in cold temperatures.