dry bags

Anyone use Sea to Summit dry bags before? Cabelas has them (and other outfitters) and they are cheap. Was just wondering about quality for day tripping.

I like them
I use Sea to Summit lightweight dry sacks almost exclusively. The exception is NRS Grometted Sea-Stow because books fit in those better. The Sea to Summit dry bags are waterproof (obviously), resist mold, pack small when not in use, and aren’t stiff in cold weather. Plus they come in a variety of colors which works well for me since I like things color coded. I question the durability of any Ultra-Sil product, so I stick with the lightweight dry sacks.

Love em
I have used many different brands, trying to perfect my packing. I want it fast, easy, and the results to fit in my hatches. I have color coded the paddlers in my family, so we know whose is whose. I’m now working on a labeling system so that is is easy to pull out today’s lunch, or tomorrows paddling shirt. The Sea to Summit bags are waterproof, lite weight, and don’t get “sticky” as I put them through the hatches. ok…enough of my soapbox…I really don’t work for them…lol